Ablaze  - Morgan Black

Morgana Black

I recieved a copy of this book from netgalley. In exchange of an honest review

A short story (in a series) 1st installmemt.

Ok, so this book is one I was a tad bit excited for. Unfortunately it fell VERY flat for me. Too many unnecessary details for a story this short. All those details made the story a bit boring for me.

This was supposed to be an erotic romance and the romance aspect also fell flat for me. There was nothing there. The characters had absolutely no chemistry. It all felt so forced. Defintely didn't get my highly anticipated butterflies.

The editing is terrible. I can't tell you how much grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors frustrate me. I am in no means the grammar police, but editing this bad should be illegal.

This being said I probably wont be reading anymore from this series.