Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles, #2) - Kresley Cole
Endless Knight
Kresley Cole
♥♡♥♡ 1/2

Let me start out by saying if Kresley hadn't made me totally mad about the ending this would be a solid 5 stars. What a freaking cliffhanger. I am having a love/hate relationship with Cole atbthis moment. honestly with a cliffhanger like that I wish I would have waited till the 3rd book came out before I started reading this one. now I have to wait almost 11mnths for the next book. GRRRR

Cons first: of course the ending. its abrupt left you with so many questions, and wanting to know what will happen. I don't know if I can ever handle another ending like that.
The damn love triangle. I dislike it soooo much! Why throw in someone else? and someone as PERFECT as death? who I now think she belongs with. I don't think it was a good move and if this love triangle umm, continues too long I'm sure I will put down the book. I am not trying for anothrr jacob/edward from twilight scenario. I had liked this book so much because it was uncomplicated. But like I said I do believe Jackson should be pushed out after what we learn about Death!
My last dislike is more about the series. I like stand alone series. ones that you can read and not feel lost. This series is DEF. not one of those. if you don't read the first book you will be confused. so I recommend starting with Poison princess.

Pros: Everything else I didn't mention! this book was flippin amazing otherwise. deceit, betrayal, hot scenes, tons of action. its just AMAZING. I enjoyed most learning of Death and his past. he really is marvelous and very misunderstood. If Evie doesn't want him ill take him. There are some pretty predictable twist BUT they still leave you shocked. Its things you expect would happen but you Dont really know for sure so when its confirmed you like "OMFG I knew it and its AMAZING" LOL! I honestly don't know how Ill go 11 more months :(

I def recommend this book
There are some steamy scenes.
One sex scene, but nothing overly detailed like you would find in an adult romance novel.