Phegru's Revenge - D.J. Shaw
phegru's Revenge
D.J Shaw
E-book Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Phegru's Revenge is not a book I would have picked up if I were in a bookstore. I usually read YA or NA novels. I am not sure even how to classify this little novella.

But I can say I actually really enjoyed the book! It was a nice quick read that took me all of 15-20min yet still left me satisfied at the end.

The plot is DEF. something I am not used to. It is about a girl who is kidnapped by a "priest" who is trying to exorcize this demon Phegru who is the demoness of jealousy. I almost felt like I was in an episode of Criminal minds throughout the first few chapters. With a psychopath who believes this girl is possessed and only he can help her.

With a novella this short its hard to explain whats going on without spoilers and I def. don't want to spoil anything! I am really glad I took the time to read this book and I look forward to checking more out from this author!