Angela's Siren Awakening - D.J. Shaw
I received this book by the author im exchange for an honest review!

Angelas's Siren Awakening
D.J. Shaw

Angela's Siren Awakening is about Angela a woman who dated a guy (Rafe) for a few months. We learn their first few months were great but after that he turned into a real A**hole. Angela would like nothing more than to get revenge on Rafe.

One night while watching an infomercial A demon named Daryl contacted her through her tv. Creepy right? Oh but not this handsome demon.

Daryl first asks for Angela's soul in exchange to help her learn her powers. She quickly turns down the offer. He decides to help her anyways since he is a vengeance demon, he will get his vengeance high through her. Sounds like a great demon right? Or does Daryl have ulterior motives??

This was an excellent quick read. It was interesting, different from anything I have ever read, and satisfying. This is the second book I habe read by this author and I really enjoy her writing style! I cant wait to read more about angela!