Mistress of the Solstice - Anna Kashina


Mistress Of the Solstice
Anna Kashina

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in
exchange for an honest review

I am very upset that I did not enjoy this novel.
I'm very fascinated with Russia amd even more
fascinated by Russian folklore.

I cant really tell you what this book is about. I
felt at times it drug on and I honestly got bored.
Bored enough to where I was just reading words on the page
to get the book over with, but not really taking it in.
I hate to knock any authors writing because I know
when they write a book they poor themselves in these novels.
I think this novel upset me so bad because I had high expectations.

This story drug on to me. I know Ivan is this special boy chosen by the Wolf to defeat Mayra's father whom sacrifices a virgin every year for his youth. I think I have that correct. Mayra's father is known as the immortal king. I got from this that Ivan had many difficult tasks he had to face. A cat who could play with his mind, capture a raven, etc. just a lot of different things. Along the way he falls for Mayra and just really wants to free her from her fathers clutches.
On top of everything Mayra has this magic mirror that tells her whatever she wants to know.

I personally didn't feel the authors writing style, which in the end really messed with the flow of the book for me.
I didn't feel any connections the characters.
Mayra actually got on my nerves with how many times she
had to remind us how heartless, detaches, and souless she
is. On top of it she was proud of it.
Then when she was able to be a person and feel it felt forced
and faked.